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Evans Seeks Approval Of Integration For Wildcat In Lamar

Southeastern Oil Review

Aug 9, 1999

S. Lavon Evans, Jr. Operating Co., Inc., Laurel, Miss., has petitioned the State Oil & Gas Board to enter an order force pooling, without a risk compensation penalty, all tracts and interests in a 320-acre drilling unit comprised of the north half of Section ll-17S-14W, in Lamar County, Alabama.

A hearing on the petition is scheduled August 18 and August 20 in the Board Room of the State Oil & Gas Board Building in Tuscaloosa.

Proposed depth of the Kennedy area wildcat is not available.

South of the proposed unit, Moon-Hines-Tigrett Operating Co., Inc. drilled No. 1 Nabors 14-4, NW NW Section 14-17S-14W. It was bottomed at 4500 feet and abandoned in October, 1987. No tests were reported.

Elevation was 405 feet, kelly bushing. Top of Nason Marker was logged at 1570 feet, Nason sand (shaled out) Benton 2880, Millerella Lime 3913, Carter 4027, Lewis Lime 4358 and Tuscumbia Lime 4452 feet.

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